Ron Evans – Ward 4 Dysart et al

Election Day – October 24, 2022

So October 24 is upon us – the last day for voting in the Ontario Municipal Election.

If you haven’t decided on who to vote for yet, I ask you to consider my track record.

Of all the Ward 4 candidates, I am the only one with a full short and long-term platform for real change over the next four years and beyond. My full Platform is outlined in my earlier posts.

I have 38 years experience in working with and alongside political and governmental agencies, offices, personnel, campaigns and executive bodies at local, Provincial & Federal levels. I am the only candidate that has the experience and the inside knowledge on how local government operates, the actual workload and what is required to get things done.

I’ve been a part of our community for nearly four decades, and am involved as either a member or volunteer with the Haliburton Chamber of Commerce, the Arts Council – Haliburton Highlands, The Royal Canadian Legion branch 129 Haliburton and Canoe FM. I am currently the vice-chair of Canoe FM, having been on their Board of Directors for six of the last eight years, as well as being a past chairperson.

I am also currently a member of our local Dysart et al government as the media representative on Dysart Council’s Cultural Resources Committee, so I already am dealing with the ins-and-outs of working with Council and County staff on a regular basis.

I live full-time in the community on Kennisis Lake Road, so I am here to attend all Council & committee meetings and community requirements, and I am here to look after things even if you’re not able to be here – it matters not to me if you’re a seasonal cottager, live full-time in town or are somewhere in between – I’m here to help and represent.

My professional background is in business management, finance and the Arts. I will carry myself at Council as an open-minded representative, who will listen to all information in making decisions that are facts-based, reasonable, grounded in critical thinking and are for the best for the most amount of people as possible.

And finally, I am asking you to vote wisely based on what is more important than anything in this election – you need to choose the candidate who is best suited for the position based upon their experience, relevant background and knowledge in the job at hand. There is so much at stake – your property, your tax dollars, your community – you simply cannot take a long-shot chance on choosing someone based on popularity, or being your buddy, your next-door neighbour, or your business associate. This is simply not a rookie, entry-level position. When hiring someone for a job, the smart employer chooses the best-qualified individual – for Ward 4 Councillor, I am hands-down the best qualified, and am prepared to jump head-first into the task of bringing our community together on Day One.

I’m Ron Evans, and it would be a privilege and honour to be the best Ward 4 Councillor I can be. On October 24, please vote for me.

Thank You,


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